Ireland Tour 2021

Angela's Sacred Ireland - Spring 2021 - Dates to be Announced


Ireland….its name calls forth images of magic and myth, saints and scholars..and a countryside almost too beautiful to be true.  And its greatest resource, even more astonishing than the gorgeous greens and the dramatic seascapes, is the people.  The Celtic nature of warmth and welcome still prevails here and simply has to be experienced to be understood. I can hardly wait to take you traveling back in time to explore the geographies, histories and cultures of Ireland. Come join me.....

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12 Day Peru Pilgrimage $2860

12 DAY PERU PILGRIMAGE CLICK HERE - Are you ready to experience the trip of a lifetime?  Imagine 12 days of walking the trails of the ancient ones in the soaring mountains of Peru.  Spending time with authentic Q’ero shamans who live high in the Andes Mountains, awakening and expanding your spirit in the magical world of Andean culture.  You will also be Visiting quaint villages, shopping at the colorful markets, and eating healthy Andean cuisine.  Our Partner, Angel Herrera, and his team will be your english speaking shamanic guide.  Please see below for more info about our wonderful partner in Peru!  Let us know what possible dates your group is available and we will customize a tour package for you.


7 Day Pilgrimage Peru $1860

7 DAY BEST OF INCA CULTURE IMMERSION TOUR CLICK HERE -  Discover the Sacred Valley & Rainbow Mountain from a spiritual perspective with a special guide. Walk on a pilgrimage path to Machu Picchu through the Inca Trail, the public rated best trail in the world.  Angel Herrera and his team will be your daily English speaking guides.  Your needs will be completely taken care of during your whole stay.  Let us know what possible dates your group is available and we will customize a tour package for you.


India 12 Day Pilgrimage $1910

 India 12 Day Spiritual Tour - India is the ancient center of oriental philosophy & spirituality development.  It is truly a wonderland of spiritual treasures & culture.  You will find all kinds of contrasts and conflicts, but you will also have the chance to find unity from diversity.  This journey will help you discover the inner peace and mindful exploration in the incredible cultural richness. Our 12 day itinerary includes the most classic spiritual routes and experiences for your mind, body & spirit to expand.  You will encounter local friends who share the same values & endeavor to make this world a better place same as you.   Let us know what possible dates your group is available and we will customize a tour package for you.


Our Services

Our Services

  • We partner with English speaking guides (wisdom keepers) who are very knowledgeable and at your disposal.  They will pick you up at the airport, take care of you throughout the tour, and take you back to the airport.  We are happy to plan every detail of your itinerary so that you don't have to! 
  • You will have personal time with shamans and wisdom keepers who will teach you the history and ways of the ancient people who resided at each sacred site, as well as performing ceremonies.
  • Spending time in nature, hiking, and perhaps horseback riding on ancient trails will get you connected with yourself & with nature.  
  • We offer several Ancient Wisdom Tour packages, or we can customize a trip that meets your vision. Simply tell us where you want to go and what you want to experience.  We will help you plan a trip that meets your expectations. 
  • We work directly with partners we know & trust in other countries and in the USA to get the best guides, staff, and travel deals so that you can have the ultimate experience.


My Video Peru

My Experience in Peru!

Amazing Prilgrimage to Peru!


12 Day Shamanic Pilgrimage to Peru - $2850!

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