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7 Day Best of Inca Culture Immersion Tour - $1860

Starting with a welcome at a local stoned grill. Indigenous Shaman masters will send their blessing through trifecta ceremonies on your arrival. Visit Inca ruins sites such as Temple of Thunder, Spring of Fertility, and more on horseback to see the grassy nature & archaeology from a higher view. Discover the Sacred Valley & Rainbow Mountain from a spiritual perspective with a special guide. Walk on a pilgrimage path to Machu Picchu through the Inca Trail, the public rated best trail in the world. It’s super difficult to book the Inca Trail, so we only reserve seats early for this monthly signature journey. You will also experience a taste of local cuisine and culture. Let us know what possible dates your group is available and we will customize a tour package for you.



Day 1 - Local Grill & Welcome Ceremonies

 We will pick you up at Cusco airport or your hotel before 9am and take you to the local community where we are going to have Pachamanaca for lunch, at an ancient grill at festive time.  We will demonstrate how to make Pachmanaca while heating up the stones.  We will add a lot of farm-to-table organic ingredients and wait for the fresh hot cuisine to be ready to serve. It is a lot of fun!  We will welcome you and help you to get connected with local culture in depth.  Our Andean healer master (Shaman Paqo) will facilitate a ceremony, which includes reading answers to your life questions through Coca leaves oracle reading,  He will perform a cleansing ceremony to help you let go of your troubles & emotional blockages.  You will be instructed on how to make an offering to Mother Earth during a ceremony to flourish yourself with love & gratitude. You will stay in Cusco for 2 nights.  

Day 2 - Inca Ruins & Horseback Riding

 We will explore 4 important sacred archeological sites built by Inca civilization that has stood for over 7 hundred years. This expedition will be on horseback, like what people did in the ancient time. The horseback riding is safely equipped with experienced horsemen accompaning each passenger. Even kids over 9 years old could have fun & be safe in this activity. (Children under 9 years old or  will need an adult’s company to ride on the same horse together) The archeological sites includes Temple of Thunder and Spring of Fertility, which are still very sacred places for local indigenous people. This is also less physical-challenging while you are adjusting to altitude. *You could choose to take car as alternative option with extra cost but you need to inform us in advance. In the afternoon, after lunch hour, we will arrange a special trip to the biggest local traditional market  in San Pedro where you will have very authentic taste of local cuisine in different stands, and take a look at Shamanic tools that are sold in the market. 

Day 3 - Cultural Tour in Sacred Valley

 Sacred Valley is a place full of beautiful myths and landscapes. The valley is a mirror to the Milky Way in the night time sky, and the historical towns we are going to visit are built to reflect the constellations on the land. It’s also the most productive area of agriculture & granary for local people since ancient time, hence the Inca civilization was well developed here. Our professional guide will thoroughly explain the history at the most classic historical places of Sacred Valley.   You will visit Pisac, one of the biggest artificial terraces in the world, which represents the element of fire, Señor De Huanca, a sacred church and mountain with many hidden stories of magical healing & pilgrimage, and Ollantaytambo where the oldest stones of Sun Temple located. We will also stop by a weaving textile Awana Cancha to see how world famous weaving textile in Peru is made from the beginning. You can feed the animals such as alpacas, vicuñas, llamas. You will stay in the lovely historical town of Ollantaytambo for one night. 

Day 4 - Inca Trail Trekking

The Inca Trail was the sacred path for Inca priests in ancient time to go on a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Machu Pichu. It is rated as the greatest trekking path combined with both the nature in the Andes highland & the archeology ruins. We will trek with a professional guide from the trail to Sun Gate in Machu Pichu which we can finish in a day. This is difficult to arrange as most seats are sold out 6 months in advance. However, in our 7 day adventure, we will make sure this is possible for you. When you arrive at the bottom of the mountain in the town of Aguas Caliente you can choose to immerse yourself in the hot springs to relax your sore muscles after trekking. You will stay in Aguas Caliente for a night and be ready for Machu Pichu visit the next morning. 

Day 5 - Machu Pichu

Today we will go to one of the world’s seven wonders, Machu Pichu.  Machu Pichu is more than a heritage site, it was the great sanctuary of the Inca and mystically remained undiscovered when Spanish conquistadors were in South America. Ancient kings and priests journeyed to Machu Pichu for important ceremonies. You will learn all the details of Machu Pichu from our professional guide. After the visit, you will take a very comfortable train ride back to Cusco. You will stay in Cusco again for 2 nights. 


Day 6 - Rainbow Mountain

We will travel to the newest photo hotspot – Rainbow Mountain. The magnificent landscape is alive with a rainbow with different colors in stripes. Our spiritual guide will send his or her blessing on the mountain and connect the passengers with the landscape through the unity ceremony. We will trek Rainbow Mountain for 3 hours with our spiritual guide, or alternatively you could hire a horse to ride up to the mountain with additional cost. Spiritual Travel Tours Peru.  Guided Shamanic Tours Peru.  We provide guided tours in Peru for those interested in shamanism, yoga, or ancient wisdom.  Groups & Solo travelers welcome. 

Day 7 - Cusco

A free day.  You will have plenty of time to go on your own adventure and perhaps get packed for the trip home.  You may want to explore Cusco by visiting ancient sites, eating in local restaurants, or shopping in the market.  Ask us for suggestions and we are always nearby if you need us. Our journey will end here. Next day ride to Cusco Airport.


  • Transfer from the airport or your location in Cusco downtown on the first day, and drop-off to airport or your next destination in Cusco downtown on the last day. ~ 6 nights of accommodation in cozy & clean hotels with individual shower room, heater & amenities, two people shared one room. 
  • Breakfast every day offered by the hotel.

Not Included

  •  Not mentioned meals
  • Additional cost for extra services: Car ride for day 2 $40; Horse riding in Rainbow Mountain $35; Walking sticks a pair $8 for Inca Trail or Rainbow Mountain; single supplement in hotel $300; upgrade to 4 stars hotel $900.
  • Personal shopping.

Important Information

Important Information - Please Read!

AIRFARE:  Your airfare from your hometown to Peru round trip is not included in this cost of $1680.  If you need help finding flights we would be happy to help.  Please contact us with any questions at  

HEALTH INSURANCE:  Please make sure you have health insurance that covers you during your stay.  We need a copy of your coverage.  If your health insurance does not cover you in other countries there are many companies that offer temporary health coverage for $100 or less.  I can send you the one that I use.

LEVEL OF PHYSICAL DIFFICULTY Our trips are graded as to level of difficulty from 1 - 5, with 5 being the highest level of difficulty.  This a trip that includes some moderate hiking in high altitudes so we give this a grade of 3 out of 5.  A reasonable level of fitness is suggested for this particular trip.  Please note that alcohol has been known to exacerbate problems with altitude sickness.

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