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We are a travel tour company whose mission is to bring back ancient wisdom to assist humanity in moving forward to a higher level of consciousness, well being, and inner peace. We do this by taking you to ancient sites with wisdom keepers who are indigenous to that area to help you connect with the voices of the Ancient Ones.  We believe ancient wisdom is coming full circle to benefit our society today. The ancient people have left behind the gift of their wisdom to help us navigate through these turbulent times.  Our travel tours awaken the spirit and refresh on all levels.  Our tours create healing & expansion through fun, exciting treks to sacred sites.  If you are wanting to learn the ways of the ancients, expand your knowledge, feed your soul, and heal on deep levels, you have come to the right place!  Traveling in groups with like-minded people is so much fun!  We would love to assist you in your journey to wellness & peace. 


Angela Hart - Owner


Angela Hart has been a spiritual explorer & traveler all her life.  It began when her family moved to Paris, France when she was a child.  She connected with the Ancients while in Pompeii, Italy.  At 16 years old she put her hands on the walls of Pompeii and saw the normal life of the ancient people as  if it were on a movie screen.  Before that, she dreamed of traveling to far away places and eventually she did just that.  After 25 years as an intuitive massage therapist, shamanic practitioner & yoga teacher, Angela decided she wanted to share her love of spiritual travel with others.  She opened a travel tour company that specializes in spiritual tours and she partners with tour guides in other countries. Angela enjoys assisting people with their spiritual growth & health needs.  She has over 30 years in the alternative health field and as a spiritual traveler. Please scroll down to read about our partner, Angel Herrera.

Angel Herrera - Partner

Angel Herrera


Angel Herrera lives in Cuzco, Peru and  is our local guide and assistant in Peru.  He also owns a successful travel agency that facilitates spiritual tours all over the world.  He is half Quechua on his mother's side.  He is currently the President and founder of Sonqo DSA non profit organisation formed by eleven Q'ero masters and two Shipibo Ayahuasca Shamans.  His aim is to take you on the trip of a lifetime to ancient places that helps with spiritual growth and healing.  And, at reasonable prices!  He also provides advice in making the right decisions regarding social-economic projects, at the same time safeguarding the ancestral knowledge of the people and applying it to modern day Peru. 

He was trained by his Father Don Angel Gustavo Herrara who re-discovered an Ancient Inca Technique.  He was initiated with Ayahausca with Don Benjamin Mahua (a Shipibo Conibo).

Angel has a vast knowledge in the Ancient Peruvian culture and has over six years experience in the Shamanic practice at Etnikas integrative clinic in Cuzco,  Peru where he worked as a General Manager.  He is currently manger of his travel agency, a company that offers life changing experiences,  Spiritual Pilgrimages, wellness treks all over the world and retreats in Peru.

Angel is passionate about integrating elements of sustainability and sees the collaboration between cultural and environmental elements as essential.  

Angel looks forward to sharing benefits of worldly travel and his beautiful country, its spirituality, its history,  as well as ancient traditional cultures.  With a team of expert guides every step of the way this will be a truly enriching and life changing and very personal experience. 

He believes   "For the world to change, we must change"  



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