• My Testimony (Owner, Angela Hart) -   As  our young taxi driver fought his way through the traffic in the streets of Lima at midnight Saturday night to get us to the airport on time, I was reminiscing about all the experiences we had during our visit to Peru.  The soothing blues music in his lush SUV added to my nostalgic state of mind as I watched the Peruvians on the sidewalks enjoying their time together with family and friends. Little old ladies walking together, lovers holding hands and kissing, teenagers sitting on a bench talking and laughing, mothers with baby strollers, and people eating together.  I thought of our time with Angel Herrera (Owner of Peru Travel and Healing), and Manuel Usca, our spiritual shaman guide.  The two of them gave us a private tour of the Sacred Valley, Machu Pichu and Cusco.  They arranged for a driver and we rode all over the Valley together, spending lots of time hiking in the mountains, meditating, and visiting ancient archaeological sites.  The special ceremonies they arranged with the shamans of Peru were fascinating and life-changing.   During our tour with Angel & Manuel we ate together and played together.  There was much story telling, laughter, and wisdom of the Inca's shared.  We stayed at beautiful hotels and they made sure we were always safe, happy, and well taken care of.  It was a nice flow from place to place.  I found them to have big hearts, much wisdom, and a wonderful sense of humor.  They will be my friends forever.  Angel & Manuel made us feel so comfortable and welcome in their country.  This was truly a trip of bliss & joy!  Thank you Angel Herrera of Perú TravelAnd Healing and thank you Manuel Usca!